6 Versatile Emerald Cut Diamond Settings You Should Consider For Your Engagement

One of the most important considerations when choosing a diamond ring is its cut. The right choice can make your stone look more prominent. An emerald cut is an elegant option because of its elongated shape, sure to steal anyone’s heart.

The emerald cut has a larger surface area and provides deeper clarity than other choices. The stone maximizes its visual size, so it is a popular choice amongst those who want a larger stone without paying too much. A slightly lower carat weight emerald cut ring will look larger and more impressive than other shapes of the same carat weight.

An emerald-cut engagement ring symbolizes a solid foundation in a relationship and promotes traits like peace and faithfulness, which are important in a marriage. Its four sides reflect the four seasons, compass directions, and other significant symbols. It is ideal for long, thin fingers because it emphasizes this trait.

Rings of this cut are available in a wide range of shapes. They can expand or shrink to form a rectangle or square, which is a quality not found in other popular cuts. They are a bold statement on a bride-to-be’s finger and a stunning piece of jewelry that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Keep reading to learn 6 versatile emerald-cut diamond settings you should consider for your engagement –

  1. Emerald-cut three-stone engagement ring

Three-stone engagement rings have a personal significance and are rich with symbolism. In this setting, three diamonds are placed horizontally in a row. This distinctive style represents a relationship’s past, present, and future. You can opt for three equal-sized stones or two smaller ones with a big centerpiece. The sky is the limit when it comes to creating beautiful three-stone combinations that can fit every budget and style.

  • Solitaire setting

Solitaires are evergreen. They are considered very expensive and classy. When you wear a solitaire, the focus is completely on the diamond, so if you are someone who wants a show-stopping engagement ring, a solitaire-setting emerald cut is the one for you. This cut has a high appeal because of its long and elegant body. A solitaire engagement ring can be very versatile. You can play with metal color combinations, stack rings, and choose the width and style of the band as you like.

  • Sparkling pave setting

Opt for pave setting if you want to add a beautiful dimension of sparkle and texture to your ring’s appearance. In this setting, small diamonds are placed along the band. It does a great job at adding more bling, but at the same time, it does not steal away the spotlight from the center stone. Another form of pave setting is called pave halo, in which small diamonds encircle a larger stone. It makes the center stone look bigger and gives it more shine.

  • Baguette stones

Baguettes are step-cut diamonds that have a slender rectangular shape. One unique quality of this stone is that it can be long and ultra-slim. Baguette diamonds have 14 facets, while emerald-cut diamonds typically have 57 facets. This makes baguette stones a great choice to serve as accent diamonds, while emerald cuts are used as the center stone.

  • East-West setting

In an east-west setting engagement ring, the stone is oriented horizontally on the band. It is an unconventional style that gives a fresh aesthetic to the ring. You can modernize the timeless look of an emerald cut by opting for an east-west setting. Go for a sleek band, as it will help highlight your stone. Adding smaller stones to your band will be a good option if you have a shorter emerald, while a longer emerald will look perfect as a standout solitaire design.

  • Emerald-cut diamond halo setting

In a halo setting, smaller diamonds surround your center stone. This setting extends the size of your center stone, making it look much bigger. You can also choose a double halo in which two rings encircle the shape of your emerald boosting its brilliance. Compared to a round-cut diamond, emerald-cut diamonds bounce less light, but in a halo setting where tiny stones accent the center stone, emerald-cut sparkles beautifully.

Are you looking to buy an emerald-cut diamond ring for your engagement?

The type of diamond shape you select for your engagement speaks about your style. Emerald cut diamonds are a unique and elegant class of diamond cuts. If you are the lucky one ready to say I do and looking for a perfect ring to seal the deal, you can check the vast range of online options for emerald-cut engagement rings. They are ethical, eco-friendly, versatile, and have a celebrity appeal to them.

From Beyonce to Angelina Jolie, they all love to flaunt their emerald-cut rings. Refrain from compromising on the quality and understand your or your partner’s style to determine a budget and select the perfect band of love.

If being a modern-day bride with a touch of tradition resonates with you, browse through some stylish emerald-cut ring options. They hold personal significance and symbolism yet help you to stand out from the usual princess-cut crowd. Diamonds with sharp corners snag easily on furniture and other items, making them more susceptible to chipping. Smooth and reduced corners of an emerald cut are less prone to such problems making it a hassle-free choice for brides on the go.

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