5 Tips On Choosing The Best Nursing Bras

Choosing a nursing bra. One of the most important pieces of your pregnancy wardrobe is your nursing bra. They offer many benefits but with the many different brands and types of nursing bras available these days, it can become hard to make a decision.

So we’ll be sharing all the reasons as to why you need a nursing bra, followed by some tips by our experts on choosing the right nursing bra.

5 Tips On Choosing The Best Nursing Bras

Why You Need A Nursing Bra?

Let’s start with a few reasons on why you should buy a nursing bra:

  • They improve your breastfeeding abilities and make the process more comfortable for you.
  • As your breasts change during pregnancy and your diaphragm expands, the nursing bras will adapt to these changes, unlike your regular bras.
  • The support to the breasts will ensure that you don’t ever lose your beautiful silhouette.
  • We understand that pregnancy isn’t always a very thrilling and exciting time and many women tend to feel frumpy, especially during the first few months. By choosing well-fitted and beautiful bras, you will continue to feel feminine and empowered throughout your pregnancy.
  • Nursing bras help prevent breast infections like mastitis, so they’re the right step to take for yours as well as your baby’s health.
  • Many women even choose to sleep in nursing bras because it helps prevent leaking and provides comfort that we all know is extremely important during the exhausting nursing days.
  • Wearing a good quality nursing bra during pregnancy and postpartum helps prevent your breasts from sagging.

5 Tips On Choosing The Best Nursing Bras

How To Choose The Right Nursing Bra?

Now here are some tips to help you find the best nursing bras:

  1. If your skin gets irritated easily, go for 100% cotton bras as they offer greater skin breathability, hence ensuring more comfort for you.
  2. Most mothers do not produce a lot of milk, which is why losing any milk is extremely frustrating. To address this, we personally recommend the nursing bras by Knix that come with innovating leakproof technology. This means that there will be no more spillage of milk on your outfits or the sheets.
  3. For added comfort, choose bras with thin straps, clips, and slings as you can effortlessly take them off with one hand while you handle the baby.
  4. Look for stretchable and soft fabric because as we mentioned earlier, whether you believe it or not, your breasts will keep changing for some time now. Moreover, stretchable fabrics offer many additional benefits like quick-dry and anti-odor properties.
  5. If you’re buying your bra for the first time, it would be a good idea to go to a store for a proper bust measurement. Once you have your size, you can easily shop online.

Summing up, your nursing bra will be offering you great support in many ways during your pregnancy as well as your nursing period. So it is important to choose one that fits well, offers high-level convenience to make feeding simple and gives you a nice shape. If you’re not comfortable with wearing a nursing bra, you can always start off with a nursing tank tops.

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