How to do Metallic Nail art-DIY metallic Nail Tutorial

Metallic nail Fashion is the very popular trend these days.Young girls are especially obsessed with metallic nails design because of its growing popularity. Metallic nails are perfectly suited for night function where it gives as shiny and glowing look.We saw on different forums that a lot of girls are confused ,asking how to easily make metallic nails and how metallic nails can be done at home.Well,here we bring the simple and easy tutorial to make metallic nails yourself.Just follow this step by step tutorial and you can make it easily.

You can make any metallic color nails you want.All you need is the required color foil and other things mentioned.There are many other ways to get shiny and metallic nails look too.For example using Sephora magnetic Nail art polish,OPI chrome nail polish etc.Silver metallic nails have been the hottest trend because of its natural color shine.New metallic nail trends include purple nails, golden and green metallic nails.


You may not get perfection in 1st attempt. But we assure you after trying few times, you will be able to make it quickly and with perfection .We recommend you to cut the different colors foils at once and have them ready for you.Once you need to apply this metallic nails , it will just take few minutes and you are ready to go.Also, see other cute nails designs in our nail art collection .


Step by Step  DIY Metallic Nail Art Tutorial

Metallic Nails Tutorial

Keep following tips in mind befoe doing the nail art

  1. Always clean your nail before starting the procedure: It is extremely important that you clean your nails before you start to do metallic nail art. The will ensure that metallic foils stick better to your nails and will last longer. You can clean the nail either by rubbing alcohol or even-even with simple nail polish remover.
  2. make sure to dry the glue before proceeding: It is very important that you let the glue dry before applying the metallic nail foil. This will help the metallic nail foil to adhere to the nail properly and will make the metallic nail art last a lot longer.

Easy DIY nail art ideas

  1. DIY tribal print

For this simple DIY nail art design start by cutting tape in one thin strip, two triangles, and one V-shape. First, paint your nails with white nail polish and wait for it to dry completely. Now using the already cut tape, put the strip on the top part of your nails, triangles on both sides and V-shape in the bottom part and cover the remaining area with turquoise color nail paint. Wait for the color to dry then remove the tape. Top it with clear top coat and voila.

  1. Strip ombre

For this cute diagonal ombre, you will need three shades of blue color. Start by applying the lightest shade all over your nails and wait for it to dry. Now cut a small piece of tape and place it diagonally on your nails and paint to remaining part with the second darkest blue nail color and wait for it to dry then remove the tape. Now leaving some gap, place another piece of tape diagonally and paint your nails with the darkest color. Wait for the color to dry and then remove the tape. Top with clear to coat and voila.

  1. A single strip nails art

This is such a cute and elegant nail art to go for.  All you are going to need is red and white nail polish. Start by painting your nails white and then wait for it to dry. Now draw a straight thin strip of red nail polish in the middle of your nails. do this for all the nails and finish it with some clear top coat.

  1. The diagonal split

This is an extremely sassy and hip nail art. All you have to do is paint your nails with white nail polish and let it dry completely. Now take black color nail polish and paint half your nails diagonally. Do the same style for all the nails and finish it off with clear top coat.

  1. The summer ombre

Ombre is always a great idea for summers. For this summer ombre look, you will need yellow, red and pink nail polishes. Start by painting your nails white to makes the ombre pop. Now create the ombre using the mentioned three colors with the help of a sponge. Wait for the first layer of ombre to dry before moving towards the second layer. Top it with clear top coat.

15 Metallic Nail Art Ideas That Will Rock Your World

  1. For this pretty metallic pink nail art design all you need to do is to paint three of your nails with pink nail colour and rest two with silver nail polish. Now using zig zag nail stencil paint one of the silver coloured nail pink. Let it dry and remove the stencil. Top your nails with clear or glittery top coat.
  2. For this half-metallic nude look, paint all of your nail with nude nail color. Let if dry. Now place duct tape diagonally on your nails leaving 3/4th Paint that remaining part with golden nail color and finish it with clear top coat.
  3. For this metallic ombre, paint your nails with gold nail polish. Now on second last finger create an ombre using silver and black nail polish. Top it with a clear top coat for extra shine.
  4. For this mirror metallic look, you are going to need self-adhesive metallic sheets for nails. use one sheet per nail and voila.
  5. These metallic triangles are an absolute fav. Start by painting your nail with white colour, use V shapes nail art strips and place them in the upper corner of your nails. paint the upper part golden. Now again place V-shaped strip but this time place it above the golden part, paint the remaining part with black nail colour. Finish it with clear top coat.
  6. This next nail art idea is such a sophisticated goodie, just paint your nail with baby pink color. Using a little bigger dotting tool makes polka dots of rose gold color. Don’t forget the top coat.
  7. Foe this metallic French tips, all you need to do is to paint your nails with dull silver nail polish. Now use self-adhesive silver nail art sheets and use them only on the tip of your nails. just like doing French manicure but using these sheets. Top it with clear top coat.
  8. For this crackle nail effect, paint your nails with silver nail polish. Now use crackle nail polish in black color on top of silver nails and wait for it to dry before adding the clear top coat.
  9. For this inverted metallic triangle, all you need to do is to nail your nails with grayish blue nail color. Place two strips of tape that intersect at a middle point, creating a triangle. Now paint rose gold nail color in this triangle and finish it with top coat.
  10. This Japanese nail art is an inspired by pure Japanese art. For this start by creating fused ombre of blue, gray and off-white. Once dried, make one or two braches using dark golden color nail polish. Top it with clear top coat and voila.
  11. For this nail art, paint your nail with matte black color, place any desired floral stencil nail sticker om your nails and paint with silver nail paint. Voila.
  12. For this pretty stripes, just paint stripes on your nails using gold nail color and top it with clear top coat.
  13. This chevron nail art is amazing. Just use chevron nail stickers, place two of them on one nail and paint alternatingly using silver and golden colors. Voila, you are done.
  14. This parted nail art design is so pretty. Just use silver metallic nail art strips and place them on your nails wherever you like creating geometric patterns.
  15. This nail art is known as inverted French tips. Instead of doing metallic French tip at the top of your nails, create a rounded metallic base.


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