Lady Gaga’s 20 Most Favorite and Unique Sunglasses Collection

Check out Lady Gaga’s 20 Most Favorite and Unique Sunglasses Collection.we know that lady gaga always come up with the unique and funky outfits .As a fashion chameleon, Lady Gaga always pushes her self to the boundaries of fashion style.After bringing you with the Lady Gaga Most Funkiest and Weird Outfits Collection. This is time to bring introduce lady gaga’s most weird and crazy sunglasses collection .  so here is the top 20 of lady gag’s most favorite and unique sunglasses collection that she has been spotted in various occasion and in her videos lets have a look!

1. Lady Gaga SB Sunglasses

Gaga wore the sunglasses in the Love Game video.

Lady Gaga Unique Sunglasses

2.Lady Gaga Hi tech Flip Up Sunglasses

Lady Gaga Weird Sunglasses

4. Lady Gaga Prada Butterfly Sunglasses


Lady Gaga Prada Sunglasses

5. Lady Gaga Oliver Goldsmith Y-Not Sunglasses

Lady Gaga Oliver Goldsmith Sunglasses

6. Lady Gaga Louis Vuitton Sunglasses

Lady Gaga Louis Vuitton Sunglasses

7. Lady Gag D&G Butterfly Sunglasses

Lady Gaga in D&G sunglasses

8. Lady Gaga Emilio Pucci 89850 Sunglasses

Lady Gaga Funky Sunglasses

9. Lady Gaga Scott Wilson for Hussein Chalayan Sunglasses

Lady Gaga Cute Sunglasses

10. Lady Gaga “Poker Fame” Sunglasses & Flip-up Sunglasses

Lady Gaga Crazy Sunglasses

11. Lady Gaga Alpina Goldwing DBGM

Lady Gaga Best Sunglasses

12. Lady Gaga Balenciaga Sunglasses

Lady Gaga Balenciaga Sunglasses

13. Lady Gaga American Apparel Sunglasses

Lady Gaga American Apparel SunGlasses

14. Lady Gaga Haus of Gaga Video SunGlasses

GaGa Sunglasses via

15. Lady Gaga – Carrera – Champion Sunglasses

Lady Gaga wore these sunglasses In her video, “Bad Romance” !Rah-rah-ah-ah-ah! Ga-ga-ooh-la-la!

Lady Gaga Carrera Champion Sunglassesvia

16. Lady Gaga Marc Jacobs Sunglasses

Lady Gaga Marc Jacobs Sunglasses

17. Lady Gaga Gianni Versace 676 Sunglasses

Lady Gaga Versace Sunglasses

18. Polaroid camera Sunglasses designed by Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga Polaroid GL 20 Camera Glasses

19. Lady Gaga  Linda Farrow  Mickey Mouse Sunglasses

Lady Gaga Mickey Mouse Sunglasses

20. Lady Gaga Camera Sunglasses

Lady Gaga Camera Sunglasses

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