Eyewear on the Runway: NYFW and Some New Looks

Big, bold, and beautiful are three great words to describe the eyewear that hit the runway during New York fashion week. While the clothes adorning the models are usually the focus, no outfit is complete without stylish sunglasses. No longer simply for those with bad vision, glasses have slowly been making their statement in the fashion world. They are a great way to bring your outfit to a new and interesting level of chic. If you’re on the lookout for some new eyewear, here are some new looks straight from the runway.

Sleek and Slim

While most of the eyewear on the runway was big, some glasses went for a slimmer look. These sets of eyewear use stylish rim designs on the top side near the browline for a more refined, classy look. These take you back to the 50’s and 60’s in the most nostalgic way.

newyork fashion week sunglasses (4)

Cat Eye

Cat eye glasses have been a notable look in the eyewear for many years. With the subtle upswept corners of the frames, these glasses feminize the eye, and flatter the cheekbones.

newyork fashion week sunglasses (3)


A pair of thick-rimmed glasses is a great way to compliment a simpler outfit. They are hard to miss, and bring your fashion statement up to your face. For glasses this big, neutral colors are a smarter choice, to avoid overwhelming the look. Black or brown work splendidly, or for the more daring eyeglass wearers, try a tortoiseshell pattern.

newyork fashion week sunglasses (2)

Round and Big

Rounded eyewear made its way onto the runway this year and was paired with eye-catching shapes and big patterns. With flashy and vivid outfits, large, round glasses can add a smooth finish to create a well-balanced look.
newyork fashion week sunglasses (1)
The Perfect Circles

Circular glasses add a daring, modern touch to even the most feminine fashion. The roundest of shapes could be seen on the runway, sometimes so round they were closer to goggles than glasses. Reminiscent of John Lennon, who wore them best, round glasses have been classified in all kinds of ways, from hippie to intellectual. Sadly these beauties only flatter certain face shapes, and work best on those that have a strong jaw line.
newyork fashion week sunglasses (5)
Iconic Wayfarers

Perhaps one of the most classic designs of eyewear in modern fashion, wayfarers never go out of style. The shape of wayfarers have always hinted at something more daring, more dangerous, and unique to the wearer.

Celebrities in wayfare sunglasses

Making a visit to your local Crowfoot vision centre or Calgary optometry to spice up your own wardrobe would certainly be welcome in today’s new fashion world. Eyewear was a big staple during fashion week, adding a bit of a flourish to some spectacular pieces and collections.

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